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Design of DFE Based MIMO Communication System for Mobile Moving with High Velocity
Pages : 319-323
S.Bandopadhaya, L.P. Mishra, D.Swain , Mihir N.Mohanty
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An Abstract memory model describing the interaction between thread and memory with
debugger tools
Pages : 324-328
Shruti Sandal , Dr.Raghuraj Singh ,Abdul Jabbar Khilji,,Shashi Shekhar Ranga, sanjay tejasvee
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A noval approach for retrieving an image using CBIR
Pages : 329-331
D.Mahidhar, M.V.S.N.Maheswar
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4. A comparison between Public key authority and certification authority for distribution of public key
Pages: 332-336
Gaurav Agarwal , Saurabh Singh
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5. Synthesis of DSP Systems using Data Flow Graphs for Silicon Area Reduction
Pages: 337-341
Rakhi S, PremanandaB.S, Mihir Narayan Mohanty
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6. Analysis of Power Amplifier by Frontier Recognition and Histograms
Pages: 342-346
Surekha Chauhan, Prof. P.K. Ghosh ,Madan Shishodia
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7. Study of Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages: 347-354
Pooja Kumari, Mukesh Kumar, Rahul Rishi
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8. An Efficient Routing scheme for reliable path establishment among Mobile Devices in Heterogeneous Networks
Pages: 355-362
R S Shaji, R S Rajesh, B. Ramakrishnan
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9. Operating System based Compliance Validation of Trusted Computing
Pages: 363-365
Madan Singh, Surekha Chauhan
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10. An Enhancing approach in MEDLINE & PubMed using Text Mining
Pages: 366-370
R.Santhanalakshmi, Dr.K.Alagarsami
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11. Pattern Extraction, Classification and Comparison Between Attribute Selection Measures
Pages: 371-375
Subrata Pramanik, Md. Rashedul Islam, Md. Jamal Uddin
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12. Article Removed due to Plagarism
Pages: 376-384
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13. Effect of User-Unknown Email addresses in spammers' lists
Pages: 385-388
Rajiv Mahajan, Dr. Surjit Singh, Pavitar Singh
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14. An Approach to Shortest Path Technique for BGP Using OSPF
Pages: 389-391
K.Krishna Chaitanya, Ch.Ravi Kishore
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15. Jacobi computation using mobile agent
Pages: 392-401
Cyril Dumont, Fabrice Mourlin
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16 Web Services Security Architectures using Role- Based Access Control
Pages: 402-407
K.Venkateswar Rao, Dr.M.Srinivasa Rao, K.Mrunalini Devi, Dr.D.Sravan Kumar, M.Upendra Kumar
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17. Software Architectures Design Patterns Mining for Security Engineering
Pages: 408-413
A.V.Krishna Prasad, Dr.S.Ramakrishna
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18. Combined Text Watermarking
Pages: 414-416
Suganya Ranganathan , Ahamed Johnsha Ali, Kathirvel.K & Mohan Kumar.M
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19. Unsupervised Analysis of Arrhythmias using K-means Clustering
Pages: 417-419
Manpreet Kaur, A.S.Arora
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20. Performance Analysis of 802.11 and 802.11p in Cluster Based Simple Highway Model
Pages: 420-426
B. Ramakrishnan, R. S. Rajesh, R. S. Shaji
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21. Genetic Algorithms and Programming-An Evolutionary Methodology
Pages: 427-437
T. Venkat Narayana Rao , Srikanth Madiraju
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22. Detection of Abnormal Masses in Mammogram Images
Pages: 438-442
Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
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23. A Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection in Data Mining
Pages: 443-448
Venkatadri.M, Srinivasa Rao.K
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24. Research Directions in Semantic Web on Healthcare
Pages: 449-453
S.Gnanambal. M. Thangaraj
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25. Text database cleaning by filling the Missing values using Object Oriented Intelligent
Multi-Agent System Data Cleaning Architecture

Pages: 454-464
G. Arumugam,T. Joshva Devadas
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