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Use of Local Minimization for Lossless Gray Image Compression
Pages : 203-207
Narendra Kumar, Dr. Sachin Gupta
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Securing Mobile Agent Using Dummy and Monitoring Mobile Agents
Pages : 208-211
Neelesh Kumar Panthi, Ilyas Khan, Vijay k. Chaudhari
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A new horizon in data security by Cryptography & Steganography
Pages :212-220
Dipti Kapoor Sarmah, Neha Bajpai
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4. Skin Detection Based Cryptography in Steganography(SDBCS)
Pages: 221-225
R.Surendiran, Dr.K.Alagarsamy
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5. Application of Free and Open source software and its Impact on society
Pages: 226-229
Ambar kundu, Debashish swain.Sitanath Biswas
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6. Knowledge Engineering-an Overview
Pages: 230-234
D.S Darai, S Singh, S Biswas
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7. Network Storage and its Future
Pages: 235-239
S.Mohanty, P.Nayak, S.Biswas
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8. Challenges in Computing today
Pages: 240-243
Sibani Mahapatra, Nayeera Samar, Sitanath Biswas
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9. An Approach to Secure Larger Size Data with Authenticity and Integrity
Pages: 244-248
Sanjive Tyagi, Ajay Agarwal, Ramveer Singh
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10. Caching Technique for Improving Data Retrieval Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pages: 249-255
K.Shanmugavadivu and M.Madheswaran
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11. A Journey on WiMAX and its Security Issues
Pages: 256-263
Rakesh Kumar Jha, Dr Upena D Dalal
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12. An Instinctive Approach for Secure Communication - Enhanced Data Encryption Standard (EHDES)
Pages: 264-267
Ramveer Singh ,Awakash Mishra and D.B.Ojha
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13. Security Issues on Banking Systems
Pages: 268-272
Mohd Khairul Affendy Ahmad , Rayvieana Vera Rosalim, Leau Yu Beng, Tan Soo Fun
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14. Automatic Image Retargeting using Saliency based Mesh Parameterization
Pages: 273-279
S.Sai kumar, A. Sudhir Babu
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15. Novel Implementation of Text Mining for Reports
Pages: 280-284
K.Suresh, K.Venkatesh Sharma, Y.Srinivas, K.Shalini
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16. A Two Stage Language Independent Named Entity Recognition for Indian Languages
Pages: 285-289
S.Biswas, M.K. Mishra, S.Acharya, S.Mohanty
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17. Achieving Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks by using WB (Witness-Based) Approach
Pages: 290-297
S.Anandamurugan, C.Venkatesh
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18. E-Governance and Effective Deliverance of Information and Services to Citizens Architecture
Pages: 298-302
Sanjay Tejasvee, Dr. S.S. Sarangdevot, Devendra Gahlot, Shruti Sandal
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19. Micro-Processor based Improved Ultrasonic Direction and Range Finder
Ariel Barzilay, Arieh Salomon, Dov Avraham and Zeev Zalevsky
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20. An approach of Requirements Tracing by using a multilevel Framework
Anurag Yadav, Yashpal Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
21. Fuzzy K-mean Clustering Via J48 For Intrusiion Detection System
Kusum Bharti, Shweta Jain, Sanyam Shukla
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